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Welcome To Stephanie June!

Are you struggling with living your life on a budget? Do you feel like your small budget is hindering you?

It doesn’t have to, friend! Keep scrolling, let me tell you more.

Hi there! My name is Steph.

I started this website out of a desire to help people live beautiful, fulfilling lives while on a budget!

Here, you will find everything you need to do just that.

From tips on how to create a budget, how to optimise every part of your life to succeed on that budget, as well as product reviews and tips to help you save your money for the things that you really want, you’ll find all the encouragement you need right here.

Money is one of those things that will control you if you’re not careful – but if you control your money it won’t control you! 

Growing up, my mum and I never really had an abundance of money, however my ever so talented mother always managed to make sure I had everything I needed. She taught me how fleeting money was, and taught me that it should not be something that controls your life – or your happiness.

I moved out of home pretty soon after highschool and let me tell you, it was a steep learning curve! I had the usual crappy waitressing job that didn’t pay nearly enough, and was house sharing in a crappy house with poor heating and no air conditioning.

I’ll be honest (always)… I’ve made mistakes. I’ve made many financial mistakes! I got a loan I shouldn’t have without the income to back it up. I didn’t save well when I finally did get a well paying job… and then I got sick and had to quit my job! But you know what? These things have taught me so much. I’ve always had a knack for finding great bargains and while I was naive and didn’t save as I should, I’ve always been able to make my money stretch.

After a few comments from friends asking how I manage to do it – I figured I’d start sharing with you guys! And here we are. Now, I’m engaged to a wonderful man, Matt. We’re still dealing with some of the consequences of poor financial decisions when we were younger, but we have learned! We are growing and we are finally on our way back up.

I hope you find this blog helpful! If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to let me know – you can contact me via my social media links listed below and in the side bar.

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