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You’ve seen them right? These straightening hair brushes are floating around everywhere on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and they all have a CRAZY high price tag. I’m all for looking good… but I’m not willing to pay $100 for a straightening device to do so.

I’m not going to lie though, I’d been wanting to try one of these for ages. They looked kind of fun and I’ve been fighting with my hair recently trying to get it to cooperate and it’s definitely got that ‘quick and easy’ appeal. That’s why I was SO EXCITED when I saw this one at The Reject Shop for $20. I couldn’t believe the price tag… and I was a little worried it was too good to be true, but I figured I’d grab it and try it anyway… all in the name of YouTube 😉

The box came with some really simple instructions, but the whole thing smelled very strongly of chemicals when I first opened the box so I left it sitting out on my bathroom counter for a while. The brush is by the brand Mistral and is black with hot pink ceramic bristles. It has an LCD temperature display and can heat up to 205 degrees celsius. It feels very solid to hold, nice and weighty without being too heavy and difficult to handle. The cord swivels really nicely so you don’t feel like you’re going to get tangled up in it.

The buttons are located on the side of the brush handle, something I personally hated. This is one of the few things I hated about the brush. I found that when I was gripping the handle my finger tips naturally ended up very close to the buttons and I found myself accidentally pressing them and altering the temperature quite frequently. The panel that the buttons are in does stick out a little making the button portion look kind of cheap… but let’s be honest – it is! $20 is cheap for a hair straightening brush, and that’s ok!

As I mentioned before, the bristles are coated in pink ceramic and the hair glides through them easily. It’s important to not mistake this for a true hairbrush though, these bristles are not designed to de-tangle your hair at all. If you’re like me and tend to lose a little hair every time you brush, no matter whether you’re using a gentle wide-toothed comb or a more harsh hair brush, you will definitely notice some hair left behind in this brush.

Altogether though, this brush was reasonably easy to use. It took me a moment to figure it out simply because I was used to having my hair brush with the bristles facing towards my head which you’re not meant to do with this brush, it’s best to brush from underneath so that the bristles don’t touch your head as you could run the risk of burning your scalp. I found it straightened my hair very quickly though, and most importantly it lasted all day.

So, would I recommend it? You bet I would! You can’t go price it for the price and quality.

Have you tried any of these brushes? Would you recommend them?