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Hello there! Welcome!

I’m so excited to finally be re-launching this blog. I want this site to primarily be something that helps you! But you know what? It’s also something that’s going to help me! I’ve spent years fighting against my budget. I hated being on a budget, I hated feeling broke all the time and I hated feeling like I couldn’t have ‘nice things’ because all the supposed ‘nice things’ are expensive.

In the past, I’ve made some financial decisions that I regret. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone and gotten $20,000 worth of loans, but I have got loans. I feel like there’s no point in me denying things like that, or any point in me not talking about it. Money is a funny thing, it brings so much joy and yet so much shame. Think about it… why do we not talk openly about our money issues? Because we’re ashamed that we don’t have as much money as other people. Because we want don’t want to admit that we don’t have the means to have ‘nice things’.

But what exactly are the ‘nice things’ that we want? And why do we want them? These are things I want to explore through this blog! I want to make sure I’m being intentional with how I’m spending my money and living my life. Too many good things escape us because we’re pining after other, lesser things.

So! What can you expect from this blog?

You’re going to see lots of product reviews and comparisons! I love doing these. Basically, I find cheaper alternatives to usually very expensive products, and I give you guys a review on how they stack up and whether the cheaper option is worth purchasing. This plays into being able to have the things you want while still sticking to your budget.

You’re also going to see a lot of things centred around beauty because in the spirit of honesty, I’m a bit of a beauty-holic. I love me some good makeup… and I really love me some good budget makeup.

You’ll see a lot of posts relating to meal planning, groceries and food in general because I love food. My grocery budget is actually my favourite part of my budget because when I manage to come up with a really good meal plan that fits into our (fairly small) grocery budget I feel like I’ve achieved something great! I don’t know why, maybe it’s just simply because I really enjoy food. Whatever the reason, I’ll be sharing my meal plans with you as well as recipes for budget-friendly meals that won’t make you feel like you’re eating crap.

Lastly, I’ll be sharing with you bits about my life, my thoughts and how I’m going as far as being intentional goes. These posts will change depending on what’s going on in my life at the time (for example, I’m currently planning a wedding!).

On top of all of this goodness I’m also in the process of writing some ebooks and making some printables for YOU! As I said, I want this blog to feel like home for you, and I want it to be helpful. I want you to feel like you’re learning valuable information, as well as getting some great encouragement!

Here’s to you, dear reader! And here’s to living a budget life – and loving it! 

P.S. If you aren’t already aware, I’ve got a YouTube channel where I share a lot of helpful content that’s very similar to what will be shared on this blog! You can check it out here. Don’t forget to head over to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to stay in touch and up to date on everything that’s happening in my life – I love sharing funny cat videos and other random bits 😉